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    Going on a hiatus for my studies. Being on tumblr is really unproductive for me. :(

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    Toxicity of AChE inhibitors Mnemonic




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    Screening for Woody Allen

    Today I’ve got no insights, revelations, or provocations. Today I am merely asking questions. The question I mainly want to ask is: How do we screen out Woody Allen? There are a few of us molested Korean adoptees who have come out of the shadows to speak about the traumatic consequences of latent yellow fever combined with the ability to adopt yellow.

    • Do these men KNOW they have yellow fever when they adopt? Is that why they choose Asian countries to adopt from?
    • Are these men pedophiles before they adopt?
    • What is it about these men that allows them to cross personal boundaries, morals, and ethics?
    • How is it these men are so infantile and self-absorbed they ultimately can not control their urges?


    My similarly abused Korean adoptee friends and I all share the above question. In addition to the exclusive attention, I was also treated differently in many other ways than my non-adopted siblings were:

    • As confidant – about relationship matters between my father and mother. (I was a child, for God’s sake – who didn’t need to know that information)
    • As a special prize – The man actually referred to me as his little concubine…(I can’t tell you how gross that feels)
    • As an equal (yet fictional) participant – and this is where it gets weird – most of us were not raped and most of us our abuse ended after puberty. But let me tell you – physical pain is nothing compared to having our minds twisted inside out, and molestation or rape or both – it’s still all about control. And the thing about incest is that it’s a captive audience, and in the adoptee’s case, a captured audience. In a private hell that lasts sometimes over a decade, from which the only escape is actual physical escape. And who’s entire family dynamics are permanently scarred long after the abuse ends.  Because incest is chronic.  Our fathers rationalized they were above rapists because they loved us. Not only did they have to relieve themselves, but they also wanted us to love it. And them. In a super natural way. It was some sick ego masturbation going on. And the greater the challenge or convoluted nature of it all, the more illicit and rewarding for them.

    In their socially skewed fantasy world, what they were really hoping for was what Woody Allan got: a child bride. Not just any child bride. An ASIAN child bride. Because of the mystique of Asian women. 

    read more at http://adoptionsurvivor.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/screening-for-woody-allen/

    "a worker at an organization to help Korean adoptees in search of their birth families estimated that it was their experience that approximately 50% of the adoptees they had encountered had suffered abuse at the hands of their adoptive parents.  These personal anecdotes were not something initially revealed or revealed on paper. There have been 76,646 adoptees who have returned to search for their families.  Given those figures, the unofficial count of abused adoptees could be staggering.”

    Where’s the outrage? The news coverage? The national publicity campaigns? The charities and NGOs?

    When the pedophiles and abusers are white Westerners and the adopted children aren’t, everyone is silent?

    TW: rape, incest, child abuse, pedophilia

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    Black History Month: Vivien Thomas (1910-1985)

    Thomas dreamed of becoming a physician, and saved his money from carpentry for seven years to attend medical school. But he lost his savings in the Great Depression, and instead began working as a laboratory assistant at John Hopkins University to Alfred Blalock, whose name is well known as a pioneer in cardiac surgery.

    When Dr. Helen Taussig approached Blalock about how they could solve a congenital heart defect causing blue baby syndrome among her young patients—a condition called Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)—Blalock approached his technician Vivien Thomas with the problem. Thomas had the idea to connect the aorta to the pulmonary trunk, thus allowing blood to circulate through the pulmonary tract. Blalock asked Thomas—who was not allowed to perform surgery on white patients—to attempt to recreate the conditions of the defect on a dog and then rectify them. Thomas was only able to reproduce 2 of the 4 features of TOF, but the procedure was successful and harmless nonetheless. Thomas performed similar operations numerous times; Blalock only once. Blalock then executed the operations on the children from Taussig’s ward—with Thomas standing on a stool behind him, explaining the proper procedural methods along the way. The operations were largely successful and the “blue babies” were cured.

    So what is the procedure called? The Blalock-Taussig Shunt. Thomas received no credit or mention in the development of this life-preserving method. News of the surgery spread far and wide, and confirmed Blalock’s success as a physician. Thomas still received no acknowledgement for his achievements, from the public, from Blalock, or from the university.

    After Blalock’s death, Vivien Thomas stayed at John Hopkins mentoring and educating young black technicians. Though he had never received a medical degree, he was presented an honorary doctorate by the university in 1976 (but it was a doctorate of Law, presented so that his students may finally call him “doctor”). He died in 1985, just days before the publication of his autobiography.

    So why is Black History Month important? Because names like Vivien Thomas need to be known, and the naming of procedure’s like the Blalock-Taussig shunt give a false impression of history. I don’t know about you, but I think Vivien Thomas shunt is a better name for the procedure.

    Note: much of this I got from my class on embryology; further information was gleaned from the following sources:

    Mos Def did a great job portraying him in that movie, i forgot what is was called tho

    ^^Something The Lord Made

    Indeed wonderful movie. Made me mad all that brilliance overshadowed and overlooked because he was a black man smh.

    Fine as well and important as hell

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    This is Avonte Oquendo.

    He is 14

    He is Autistic

    He cannot communicate verbally 

    and he has been missing for 11 days now.   

    There is a $70,000 reward for his safe return.

    Anyone who sees him or has information is asked to call 800-577-TIPS.

    If you live here in New York City, you can’t walk anywhere right now without seeing a picture of this little boy.  It’s heartbreaking.

    May he be found safe and returned to his folks who are no doubt suffering.


    This isn’t a hoax people. His story has been on the news almost every night since his disappearance. I just watched the report a few seconds ago and thought I should share this on my dash.

    If you live in this area, keep an eye out.

    Remember, he is severely autistic and can not communicate and has no survival skills. He can not ask for help. He can not tell you his name or where he’s from. If you find him you are to get a hold of him so he does not wander away again until police arrive.


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    From all the World

    Eid Mubarak

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  7. Shout out to all the Muslims alone on Eid today.


    It might be because you’re away from family and friends, or it might be that you’re a revert. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers.

    May Allah bless us all.

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  8. Studies Show Excellent Work by Female Scientists Being Suppressed - Duh!




    In news we all already know, scientists at the University of Sheffield have found that high quality science work by women is being given low exposure in favour of work by male scientists. Men were more likely than women be invited to present and show off their work even when you factor in the reduced number of female scientists by comparison to men.

    Read the full report here - University Of Sheffield

    filed under: colour me shocked.

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    Fātimah ʾIbrāhīm as-Sayyid al-Biltāǧī as the well known legend “Umm Kultum” 


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